Art is part of any cultures in this world. In our modern society having fun and attractive art on our daily products make us happier. I am seeking happiness each day by doing my best. So if I smile when drawing my illustrations I know I will make people smile and dream! And this is as an important goal to me.

I am an lllustrator and Graphic Designer and I have developed a distinct decorative style in last couples of years.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Graphic Design from Quebec, I have also been trained at the much-touted Percler's Paris. I did the professional ballet school as a teenager and when cleaning my house I love dancing for my 2 cats. I love aquatfit and ride my bycicle. Since the last 18 years I practice Martial Art each day with my 11 years old boy who is a black too. I am single mom as much has I can I teach my son other culture and langages. We love traveling!

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