My last Postcards @ Makeitindesign

This is the last day of the Make It In Design Summer School 2017!

This it is the  second and final fun challenge: A Postcard From … Ottawa
This last fun challenge is a creative exercise which is designed to get those creative juices flowing even more.  This is a fun challenge to have your family and friends involved during your day! Those postcard was created at a fast speed. The challenge is ending soon, august is ending too!

Postcard from Ottawa:
3 days ago I was walking around Ottawa with my iPad and I took the back of Parliament Hill for my postcard.  I am still recovering from an injury in my left leg so walking all around to get the front of the Parliament Hill was to much :) But it turn out OK.

↦ So here the pic of Parliament Hill  from Confederation Park

↦ Front of my postcard and back of postcard

Postcard with texture from Ottawa:
When I was walking around Ottawa 

↦ Front of my postcard and back of postcard

Having fun!

Currently working on the @MakeitinDesign #summerschool2017 – Having so much fun! #advanced #postcardfrom