Busy with Summer School with Make it in design!

Beside all my other busy activities! Again this year I am busy with Summer School with @Makeitindesign it helps me to stay focused on creativity and following up my collections during the year. This year I am focusing on my portfolio and new products! I really enjoy focusing on what I love to do. Inspiration is at Le Rendezvous and the passion is still in the air :)I still draw and paint by hand and then finishing up my work on photoshop or illustrator. 

I love the mixed of traditional with digital it is a good fit for me. and most of the time I try to work by Instinct to stay through to myself.

Brief 1 for advance class the theme was Mystical Tribes!
I was happy to receive a compliment on instagram about this work. The person was telling me it remind her a  decoration tribe in her country :)

Take a look at my instagram :)   to see my work in progress


Drawing @MakeitinDesign
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