Our last challenge at #winterschool2017

I am enjoying my Winter School 2017 with makeitindesign.com   

again it challenge me to create beyond my everyday design work. Just the way I like it! 

The second creative brief was released January 30, 2017. The challenge is to create a frozen art and it is designed to get those creative spontaneous moments flowing more. You can have your family and friends get involved.

Creative Exercise 2 – Frozen 

  • With my son we found in my kitchen ( I forgot I had those :) ) cake holders in heart-shaped. It is perfect for Valentin month! Is in it!
  • We took gold twine
  • We found an old pack of red Koolaid for Valentine (we used it before to color Clay), we have added hazelnut, seeds of linen, orange, grapes, Basil leaves and water.  Perfect for squirrel and birds when it will melts in spring.
  • After, we have left the cake holders outside in the backyard on a tray for 2 hours. I am lucky enough to live in Canada -12°C.
  • And then, we have  hang are frozen art on a tree 

Winter School 2017 with makeitindesign.com  is an amazing opportunity to create patterns and unite with other artists and designers from around the world. It is also a nice way to be connect with people with the same passion and surface design. 

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